Votiva | Votiva Named as One of APAC CIOoutlook’s 25 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers in 2016
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Votiva Named as One of APAC CIOoutlook’s 25 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers in 2016

04 Apr Votiva Named as One of APAC CIOoutlook’s 25 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers in 2016

The past few years have brought dramatic shift for the retail sector. From consumers’ shopping patterns to retailer’s approach, everything has evolved enormously. The needs and expectations of the consumers have also changed with time, compelling the retailers to explore the opportunities to innovate. It has now become essential for the retailers to track where their target markets are and what their customers expect from them, so as to boost their sales. Today’s retailers need to be innovative and at the same time, technologically adept. They need to infuse technology into their operations to effectively manage their customers, sales and merchandise. The market today has many retail software systems that are widely used by the businesses. These systems help harnessing real-time customer & point of sale (POS) insights, reach shoppers across any channel (including mobile) and get the visibility that businesses need to optimize everything from merchandising to supply chain. But, to fluently implement these technological systems, the retail organizations need technology partners. These are the technology consulting companies that help retailers identify the suitable tech solutions and further assist them in implement the same.

CIOoutlookThis edition of APAC CIO outlook lists the “25 Most Promising Retail Solutions Providers”. The list includes the most eminent companies that bring reliable retail solutions to the fore. The proposed list intends to help retailers seeking external support to attain operational efficiency for improved business outcome. By consulting with these retail solutions providers, the retailers can deliver a consistent and seamless buying experience to their customers across traditional point of service, online and mobile channels.

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