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Microsoft solution helps bolster performance of Dong Quang Spinning

IT achievements, particularly Microsoft Dynamic AX solution, have played an important role in establishing Dong Quang current status as one of top 500 fastest growing businesses in Vietnam (Fast 500).


With a commitment of “Good quality, securing durable faith”, Dong Quang Spinning Corporation- based in the southern province of Long An- has constantly provided the customers with high quality fibres of various types.

Aware of the vital role that IT can bring to sales activities, the company has completed IT infrastructure master plan, in order to put in place a standardised system that ensures smooth and efficient operations across the company’s different departments.

Before using the Microsoft Dynamic AX solution, Dong Quang used the local accounting software, which merely served accounting and tax declaration needs.

At that moment, the information was almost isolated in specific departments, making it extremely hard to deliver a transparent vision in order to make proper decisions accordingly.

The professional staff and departments had no idea about ERP management system. All the processes, procedures, methods of governance at the request of individuals and businesses must be resolved ad-hoc rather than the overall process.

As Dong Quang activities also cover abroad, the company needs to care about the ability to provide secured information to all departments, branches and customers quickly – through the deployment of a smart IT system.

Based on the actual needs, Dong Quang has decided to deploy the Microsoft Dynamic AX solution as it is committed to enhancing professionalism to better serve the clients and build up customers’ trust into the company’s products and services.

Microsoft Dynamic AX proves a suitable and optimal solution with admin requests, store and share in large enterprise environment.

The data can be accessed by diversified device types, suitable to the dynamic business environment like Dong Quang.

Specifically, in addition to be developed by a leading global player as Microsoft, in Vietnam Microsoft Dynamic AX is also deployed by Votiva, which is very knowledgeable about Microsoft Dynamics AX and always willingly shares expertise to ensure deployment of successful systems.

With user-friendly interface, Dynamic AX gets connected with Microsoft Excel through the Pivot table. The system helps to meet the resource management requirements efficiently by responding to the market quickly through analysis metrics on time and budget implementation, which goes in accordance with the scale of Vietnamese businesses.

“Investing in IT at Dong Quang is a strategic investment. Choosing Microsoft Dynamic AX for ERP system, we are very satisfied because the results are apparent during the deployment process. Microsoft Dynamic AX not only helps optimise our investment budget, but also ensures smooth operation of our diverse systems,” said Tang Dien Quang, chairman and CEO of Dong Quang.

With strong commitment from the leaders to all employees, Dong Quang decided to deploy Microsoft Dynamic AX 2012 from July 2013.

The ERP system was official launched in January 2014 and has been operating smoothly since then.

During deployment, Dong Quang has received great support from both Microsoft and Votiva.

The deployment team has been given helpful training by Microsoft and Votiva, helping to enhance their capacity to implement and manage the system.

Although this is a system with multiple technology solutions, every single solution to the whole of the Microsoft solution has been very effective in supporting activities of business leaders and the daily work of each employee at Dong Quang.

Vu Minh Tri, general director of Microsoft Vietnam said, “Microsoft and Votiva have been coordinating to help Dong Quang tackle problems proactively. The deployment of integrated IT system will increase the competitiveness of businesses as well as help bring them into the new level of development.”

“The implementation of ERP in general and deploying ERP system in Vietnam company in particular will always face the challenges and obstacles. Typically, changing customer’s mindset about the difference and value of the ERP comparing with decentrialised software solutions and accounting software,” Dinh Tien Dung, general director of Votiva Vietnam shared. “When implementing and operating an ERP system, there will be a lot of changes to be required in management process, the habit of thinking and monitoring of an organisation, across the departments and from management to worker. Therefore, applying the ERP solution in Dong Quang, Votiva and Dong Quang senior leadership had to consider thoroughly the implementation approach in prior to deployment, in order to minimise the impact of the changes to the production and business operation, which still occur continually at Dong Quang. The great vision of applying morden information technology strategy and professional preparation are the key that help Dong Quang to be confident and gain new business opportunities.”

By Mai Thuy

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