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Managed Solutions

Votiva is the first company in Vietnam to offer managed Dynamics solutions – an exciting alternative to a traditional licensing models that helps companies get started with ERP or CRM in record-time-and without the substantial up-front costs usually associated with the implementation of complex business systems.

With a managed solution, you pay a monthly fee to use the software instead of buying it up front, and since we run the solution on our servers there is no need to buy hardware either.

And to make sure you get up and running within a couple of weeks at the most, our managed solutions are complemented by a number of standardized, low-cost setup and training packages that are delivered by our consultants throughout Vietnam.

To learn more about our managed solutions, please contact info@votivasoft.com.

Features and Benefits

A managed solution offers a number of substantial benefits that makes ERP and CRM a viable option for smaller companies who would otherwise not be able to afford a system of this kind:

Absolutely no up-front investment in software licenses or server hardware. With a managed solution, you pay a fixed monthly fee that covers not only the necessary software and hardware, but also systems maintenance, back-up, and support.

Scale the number of users from month to month to adjust for seasonal variations and peak periods. Or start small and scale your solution up when it suits you. With a managed solution, you never pay for anything you don’t actually use.

No need for in-house IT staff to keep your systems running and your data safe. We host your solution on our servers which are backed up daily, and unlike most in-house IT departments, we have the proper procedures in place to perform a full scale system recovery if disaster strikes. All you need to access your solution is a Windows PC with an Internet connection.

Security and stability is a constant challenge for smaller IT departments. To ensure maximum up-time and a high level of security, our servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center in downtown Saigon where they are maintained by skilled systems administrators. Physical access to the data center is restricted and our servers are configured for maximum data security.

No need for upgrades. With a managed solution, you always have access to the latest version of the software.

Access you ERP system from anywhere. We have high speed connections to several domestic Internet Exchange Points that ensure seamless delivery to all major metropolitan areas in Vietnam. While the best speeds are achieved from within the country, our servers are accessible from any Internet connection in the world. With a Managed Dynamics AX or CRM solution, you can access your system from the office, from home, from a café, and even when you travel abroad.

To learn more about our managed solutions, please contact info@votivasoft.com.

Setup and Training

Votiva offers several packages that have been heavily discounted for customers who prefer a simple, managed solution. Regardless of the packages you choose, we can have your solution up and running within a couple of weeks at the most.

Dynamics AX – Basic Setup

This package includes configuration of essential parts of your Dynamics AX system, including general ledger, sales ledger, purchase ledger, bank accounts and inventory. Once the basic setup is complete, you will be able to manage information about customers and suppliers, use sales and purchase orders, set standard prices for items you buy and sell, manage your inventory, and perform common accounting tasks in Dynamics AX. We will also assist you with financial and inventory closing after the first month.

Dynamics AX – Project Management Setup

The project setup package is designed for companies who wish take advantage of the comprehensive project management features of Dynamics AX. During the project setup we will set up the resources your company uses for projects, project invoicing and integration to the general ledger for detailed project accounting.

Dynamics AX – Manufacturing Setup

Manufacturing is one of the most complex business processes, and it is one area where Dynamics AX really shines. During the manufacturing setup, we will work with you to configure extended inventory management, bill of material, production scheduling and material requirements planning.

Dynamics AX – Introduction Course

Once the setup is complete, we will train your staff to make sure you get started down the right path with Dynamics AX. The content of the course can be adapted to suit your individual needs and you will also be given free access to e-learning materials from Microsoft so your staff can brush up on their skills whenever the need arises.

To learn more about our managed solutions, please contact info@votivasoft.com.

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