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Dynamics AX for Retail


iStock_000003261178LargeMicrosoft Dynamics AX for Retail offers midsize and enterprise specialty retailers point-of-sale, store management, supply chain, merchandising and financials capabilities to deliver business productivity, enterprise agility and customer service in a single, integrated end-to-end retail solution. It provides visibility from point-of-sale devices to the supply chain and the business insight needed to enable a real-time response to customer demand and build customer loyalty.

The integration, control and role-tailored capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail help retailers address these challenges and become dynamic. Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail offers further value in addressing today’s retail needs and includes the following enhancements:

• Insight. Retail Role Centers mean key data can be surfaced quickly and easily, helping people make more informed decisions and be productive.

• Loyalty. Expanded scenarios and centralized management out of the box help retailers enhance the customer experience.

• Simplicity. New interfaces for assortment and item management speed workflows and help drive productivity.

• Global availability. New localizations and translations further support the needs of multinational and growing organizations.

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics AX or would like to book a free demo, please contact info@votivasoft.com.

Take your retail store to the next level.